The Cuipo Preserve

Historically, the dense forests and rocky terrain of the Chepo Rainforest shielded it from the outside world. Improved … [read more]


Rainforest Deforestation

Just a few thousand years ago, tropical rainforests covered as much as 12% of the Earth's land surface, or about 7 … [read more]


Rainforest Facts

Rainforests are a type of forest characterized by high rainfall and year round growth.1They are one of the world's most … [read more]

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Our rainforest preservation efforts are centered on the belief that education and awareness are a start, but not enough. … [read more]


Become a Partner

How to Become a Partner Are you interested in saving the rainforest? You can connect your product with Cuipo to give … [read more]



Scientists are able to estimate the number of stars in the sky better than they are able to estimate the number of … [read more]


Save a Meter2

You can save meters2 of the rainforest as an individual or corporation. Contributions can be one time only or scheduled … [read more]


World Rainforests

Tropical rainforests cover nearly 7% of the Earth’s land surface1. There are four major biogeographical regions or … [read more]

Fog enveloping the pristine primary rainforest of Panama